[Trying to] Become a Morning Person

How you start your morning has a significant impact on the rest of your day. 

If you read any book or article about the habits of successful people, almost all of them will host a boss babe who divulges into her early morning routines and habits.

As my close friends, family, and significant other can attest to: I am not a morning person by nature.  

So, if there are tips and tricks to get up, get going, and get happy… I’m all for them. Here are a few ways this non-morning gal gets her day started on the right foot.

Start the day with a smile.


I know, it sounds SO cheesy – but it works. Smiling releases a feel-good cocktail of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin to your brain, and these three musketeers work to fight stress, act as a natural pain reliever (hello post-20s aches & pains) and lift your mood.

Go ahead and slap a smile on your face right now. Notice that little moment of stress relief?

Yes, you might feel silly at first, but next time your alarm goes off, try to remind yourself to swap out the classic morning moan & groan for a smile. 😊 It doesn’t need to me a huge teethy grin, just turning the corners of your mouth upwards will make a difference (and feel a lot more natural).

Get your body moving.

My best days start with a butt kicking class of Yoga Sculpt at Corepower Yoga that makes me sweat, engages my muscles and ends with an almighty savasana. On days I don’t make it to class, I do my own Sun Salutation [while my dog hops next to me or under me trying to figure out what on earth I’m doing].

Take a class, take a walk, or try a workout video from YouTube. Just do something to get your blood flowing.

Make a good cup of coffee or tea.

I love starting my morning with a good cup of coffee. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll grind my favorite whole bean from Half-Wit Coffee Roasters and add a pinch of dried lavender and adaptogenic mushroom blend to my French Press.


I also absolutely love my Four Sigmatic Coffee with Lion’s Mane because it makes me feel like a superhero. 🙌🏽 💪🏼 Top it off with some Ceylon Cinnamon [for blood sugar stabilization] and Oatly or Ripple Creamer and you’ve got a beautifully energizing cup of comfort.

Practice a personal morning ritual.

While my water is heating up on the stove, I take time to light some sage and consciously repeat what it is I’m letting go of in my space – stress, fear, negative energy, self-doubt… you can choose whatever suits you.

Then I light some palo santo, inhale that glorious scent (the smell of burning palo santo itself is enough to brighten my day) and verbally repeat one, two, or three positive affirmations. I also either write down or take a seat to notice 2-3 things that I’m thankful for.

Lastly, I take a couple of minutes to water or spritz my plants, or at least say hi to them if it’s not watering day because TBH, it makes me so happy to see that when I take care of something, it can flourish, and just seeing them in my space makes me happy. Plant mom for life over here.

While every step above is part of my morning ritual, I really, really enjoy taking just a few minutes for myself to ask the universe what I want it to put in my path.

Are you a morning person or do you you practice any morning rituals? As someone who is constantly learning and trying to grow, I’d love to hear how you start your day!



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