Amp Up Your Affirmations

If you’ve ever read The Secret or You are a Badass, you know about the importance of manifesting what you want, asking the universe for what you want & the law of attraction. If not, stop what you’re doing and buy these books immediately. Or, at least order a copy of You Are a Badass & download The Secret on Audible.

Not convinced after two sentences? That’s okay, keep reading and hopefully you’ll be so entranced by this 3-minute read that you’ll get to ordering afterwards. 😉

If you’re not familiar with them, the terms “manifestation” ,”the universe” [in the sense it’s used in] and “affirmations” may sound foreign, uncomfortable or a little too “woo-woo” to you.

I want to share an example that really resonated with me and kept me going on this search into the “universe”. 

Ever wake up late, then stub your toe, spill your coffee, step in dog crap, and so on and so forth? Yes, this exact scenario has happened to me – just insert an abundance of words [that used to be] illegal to say on TV and that was a Wednesday for me.

That’s because the universe gives you exactly what you ask for.

Did I ask to step in dog $h*t after the already lovely start to my morning? Obviously, no. Not outright. But I likely yelled some angry words and thought to myself what a crappy start to the day it was, and the universe heard me. It heard, “crappy day?” and responded, “sure, here you go, and pun intended!”

manifest positive affirmations

If this resonates all too well with you, then you have nothing to lose by attempting to learn a little bit more about manifesting what you want in life – and maybe even starting to implement a daily affirmation. 

The latter of these terms – affirmations – I believe seem uncomfortable because we’re so used to giving love to others, but can have a hard time being kind to or complimenting ourselves; a lot of us grew up in this backwards society that told us that if we thought highly of ourselves, it meant we were self-centered or conceited (which was extremely helpful when it was time to create a resume and talk ourselves up) – so yeah, if we’re not used to speaking kindly to ourselves, it’s going to feel little awkward and uncomfortable.

Like any kind of change – it’s probably going to be a little foreign at first. First date? Even if it was with the now love of your life, it probably wasn’t seamless. First time trying a new workout? You’re probably not going to be at the instructor’s level – even your body is telling you that this new thing is uncomfortable a la sore muscles – but the more you do it, the stronger you get.

Lately, I’ve really been focusing on pushing past the uncomfortable so I can get to the better.

Now let’s get to asking the universe to put what you really want in your path. 

A few weeks ago I went to a wellness event and we talked about the importance of backing up your “I am” affirmations with a “because” (shoutout to Cat Alsadana from EatStretchNap for sharing this brilliant bit) and let me tell you, my affirmation game immediately amplified.

Any positive affirmation is a good start – but sometimes just telling yourself “I am strong” or “I am successful” doesn’t ground you, and that’s likely because our minds like to creep in and play devil’s advocate. When we’re trying to assure ourselves of something, our mind likes to sneak up and so rudely interrupt us…

“Strong? What about that time you dropped a weight on your toe or didn’t finish that project in time?”

“Successful? Why aren’t you a billionaire yet?”

In order for affirmations to work, you’ve got to really, truly believe them – or the universe won’t, either.

What I LOVE about the “I am… because…” format is that I believe it not only tells the universe, but more firmly reminds YOU why you ARE strong, grounded, successful, confident… etc. etc. It puts positive energy into your force field and helps you to set your intention for the day.


I am grounded because I take time to breathe.


I am strong because I push through the uncomfortable, and it makes me stronger.


I am successful because I prioritize my workload.

I am loving because I practice kindness to myself and others every single day.

manifest affirmations.png

In the morning, I’m going to light some palo santo – because it’s part of my ritual and it smells. so. GOOD. – and I’m going to set my intention for the day with purpose and a smile on my face.

I’ll also be sending out good vibes that you do the same today, tomorrow, and the day after… pushing yourself every day until it becomes a habit and the things that you want & start asking for start manifesting (and at that point, it’ll become a healthy habit) because YOU deserve to live YOUR best life.

Oh - and I’ll be sending positive vibes that you’ve bought – or at least have thought about buying one of these books. 😉 

Peace, love, & happy manifesting,